We would like to introduce you to Snaps. Over the past few months we have been working with Snaps to roll out their online presence. We have been developing their website and eCommerce solution.

Snaps is a new startup company based in Bristol that has developed an amazing range of sunglasses. The sunglasses they have produced are made from acetate and CR-39 polymers. This means they feel great to wear, have full UV protection and remain incredibly robust. Such a high quality usually implies a high price tag but Snaps has been working hard to keep costs down so they can pass on the savings they’ve made to the consumer. Along with some great designs Snaps are definitely the latest must have pair of sunglasses.

Our involvement with Snaps has been very beneficial to us as a company. We have learnt a lot about online marketing and eCommerce. We have designed a website that shows off a high quality product while ensuring security and ease of use for the customer. We’ve also created a backend that allows the guys at Snaps to have full control over their site. If you would like us to do the same for you, feel free to get in contact.

Check out our work today and grab a pair of Snaps sunglasses at Snaps today!

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