Recognize is the latest iOS app to help you identify your favourite songs from any radio station, movie, TV show or commercial.

All you have to do is hold up your device to the speaker, press the mic button and Recognize will tell you the track playing. It’s as easy as that!

Not only will Recognise “recognize” a song for you but the following features are also available to you:

– Recognize automatically stores all of you tags in the cloud. This means they are accessible from all of your devices.
– Discover what the most popular songs that are being Recognized are in the current week.
– Identify songs playing from any audio source.
– Unlimited tags.
– Discover the most recognized songs and find the next big hits.
– Preview songs right within the app itself.
– Watch the music video of songs you recognize or discover.
– Quick links to give you the option to purchase the song from iTunes.
– View all the content from the artist of the song you have just identified.
– Social features that let you interact with your friends.
– Grid view and list view.

Download Recognize today and don’t forget to tell your friends. #Recognize

Recognize (AppStore Link) Recognize
Developer: JG Applications Ltd
Rated: 4+
Price: Free Download