Emoji Free – Extra Icons

We have finally done it! Millions of people know and love the Emoji icons but yet there are some obvious icons that are missing from the keyboard. We have researched which icons are the most requested and implemented them into our custom Emoji keyboard.

The top 5 requested Emoji icons include:

1) Black people
2) Taco’s
3) Swearing finger
4) Unicorns
5) Sick face

We have included all of these new icons on our custom Emoji keyboard plus over 100 more. Along with the traditional Emoji icons and our uniquely designed keyboard layout to maximise typing speed, Emoji Free is the best keyboard on the App Store.

What more would you want out of an Emoji app? Get your hands on all these great new icons today by downloading our app now!

[appext 972606369]


    • Hi Mathilde,

      We are sorry you are having trouble with the new Emoji icons. Make sure you following the instructional video within our app exactly and you should have no problem. If you still cannot figure out how to use the icons please feel free to contact us again.

      JG Applications Ltd

    • Hi Romeo,

      Facebook has some support for Emoji, so just use our keyboard as normal and you will see the icons on Facebook.

      JG Applications Ltd

  1. I downloaded the extra emoji app, even paid for the full package and it doesn’t work event after I followed the instructions. Can you refund me or tell me how to make it work.

    • Hi Alex,

      We are sorry that you are having problems with the app. Make sure to watch the instructional video in our app and you shouldn’t have any problems. If you do still have problems feel free to contact us again or if you wish to receive a refund you can do so by contacting Apple through iTunes.

      JG Applications Ltd

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