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Welcome to the JG Applications Ltd website. We are glad that you have come across our website and we hope you find it useful. On this page you will find out about the history of our company and what we do.

JG Applications Ltd was setup in May 2009 by Josh Gare, a young entrepreneur based in Berkshire (UK). Since then we have learnt a lot about app development and mobile marketing strategies. This has resulted in sustained growth which we hope to continue into the future.

Technically speaking we have a wealth of knowledge. With a firm understanding of Objective-C, Java, Javascript, PHP and MySQL. We have the skill set to create powerful mobile solutions that meet your requirements. Understanding a wide range of technologies and how we can use them together has been at the forefront of our ethos. This has allowed us to create incredibly complex but simple applications that are highly scaleable while meeting the requirements of our clients.

App development is not all about programming. Here at JG Applications Ltd we have understood the importance of being able to convey your code to the end user. This has driven our user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) research over the years. Since the start of the mobile revolution we have been monitoring all of the varying trends in UI and UX. This has allowed us to create beautiful UI while ensuring the best UX.

Many people believe that developing an app is the majority of the work. However we know that this is not the case. Once an app has been developed only half the work has been completed. Marketing an app is just as important in order to give your app the maximum chance at succeeding on the app store. From our years of experience we have created a mobile marketing strategy that maximizes the reach of your application with the aim of creating a strong user base.

To summarize we are here to help you through the app development process and guide your mobile marketing strategy. If you would like to find out or more or request a quote, please contact us.


Josh Gare – @joshgare

JG Applications Ltd was set up by Josh Gare in May 2009 at the age of 16. From a young age Josh has always been interested in technology. After teaching himself Objective-C and several other programming languages he has gone on to develop several iOS applications from social networks to Cocos2d games. After studying Economics at the University of Bristol Josh is now working full time developing iOS applications for JG Applications Ltd.

Josh’s media appearances:

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Prospress: http://prospress.com/whats-life-without-risks-our-interview-with-snaps/

If you would like to keep up to date with Josh feel free to follow @joshgare on Twitter.